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Door Access Security System KitHighpower 8000 Access Control KitA two-door, networked access control kit with readers.

Highpower’s Model 8000 is our new, networked access control kit. Developed with IT departments in mind, this kit's hardware and software features, as well as its design philosophy, make installation simpler than traditional access control systems. On-board Power–Over–Ethernet allows our model 8000 access control kits to be scaled over large facilities.

The Highpower 8000 access control kit leverages the power of Microsoft SQL database to scale to larger numbers of doors and cardholders than traditional access control systems. Up to 10,000 users per door can be present in the system, and this secure access control kit can be scaled up to a virtually unlimited number of doors.

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8000 Access Control Kit Features

  • Each 8000 kit controls two doors
  • Supports proximity, bar code and mag-stripe identification
  • Card formats are fully programmable & card IDs are alphanumeric
  • Low power usage & no external power supplies required
  • Easy installation
  • Designed and assembled in U.S.A. with foreign and domestic components

8000 Access Control Kit Components

Our 8000 access control kit includes everything needed for secure control door access for two doors, allowing you to quickly install your new system. Highpower can also customize the included hardware in this kit, tailoring the access controls to your needs and security requirements.

Our 8000 Access Control Kit includes:

Highpower 8000 Access Control Operation

Highpower's 8000 door access control kit controller provides unmatched ease-of-installation by incorporating new 802.3af compliant Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) technology and on-board TCP/IP Ethernet communication. The advanced low power design of the 8000 board and POE circuitry provides enough auxiliary power (900mA @ 12V) to supply not only the controller itself, but two proximity card readers and other low power devices. This eliminates the need for external power supplies, high voltage circuit installation, and complicated wiring. If POE is unavailable on your network, you can power the controller using a plug-in wall transformer.

Download the Highpower 8000 Hookup Diagram for a typical installation using electric strikes.

For more detailed information on the Highpower 8000 Access Control Kit, see the 8000 Controller Manual.

Software Support

Highpower’s HMS software is also available to provide controller support. Visit our Highpower Management System Software page for more information and to download a software demonstration.

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